My biggest issue, and how I will handle it


Advice appreciated | Attraction Institute 19 декабря 2012 г., 0: 00 I feel pretty good about myself; I have amazing friends, attractive girls interested in me, finances handled, a loving family and I am in great shape. I would say that I have no problems with attracting women, absolutely no problems.

But I have really looked inside myself, meditated, doing exercises and I think I have hit the core of why I have always had limited success with women…
I have sexual shame, and I am afraid of what other people might think about me if I showed my sexual desire, especially what my parents might think!

Without boring you too much with my history, I was always teased as a child about women. It was in a friendly tone, but I didn’t understand that at the time. I have never been encouraged to be a sexual man, and this is not to blame anyone or to look for excuses, but I am trying to find explanations.

To explain, I have always been afraid of having a girl at my place. I have had this fear about being teased by my family, and I have never had a girl at my place.

I have had plenty of opportunities of bringing girls back to my place, but I haven’t, as I have been afraid! What would my parents think about me if I brought a girl home just for a one night stand? You should know that I am 19 years old and still live with my parents, but I am working on getting my own place.

Also, I was being kind of bullied in school about my lack of experience, even though we were only 13-14 years old. This made me feel insecure about my abilities with women, I see that now.

on top of that, I began seeing porn at that age, all the way up till a few months ago, where I quit it. I think this has done some things to my sexual shame as well.
So the struggle, I face now, is to let the past be the past and get over it. It is ridiculous to let the past influence how I want to live my life now, as an adult!
The solution?

I have to say fuck it. I have to realize, who I am as a sexual man. and to quote David Deida, «i need to live my life as if my father was dead», as in living with no shame. I need to stop giving a fuck about what people think, and accept myself a sexual being.

My challenge for myself is this: I have to approach a girl and express my sexual desire. I will report back with my experience.
If I get paralyzed with fear, as I have been on occasion, I will just have to remember how ridiculous that fear is, and just do it.
Any advice is appreciated!
until next time,