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The Change Project & The Drive Project

The Change Project is delighted to have been appointed by the Drive Partnership as service provider for their exciting and innovative approach to those perpetrating domestic abuse in Essex.

This is a national pilot across three areas, Wales, W Sussex and Essex, which aims to increase the safety of victims of domestic violence, and children in the families, through practical, individual interventions with perpetrators of high risk domestic violence and abuse.

The Drive Project is a community-based intervention for perpetrators (service users) of domestic abuse whose victims are assessed as at a high risk of significant harm or fatality, aged 16 years and over. The service will offer a risk and needs led response that proactively works with this potentially involuntary client group in a multimodal way; striving for behavioural and attitudinal change. The service, delivered in the context of multi-agency response, will develop a tailored intervention plan that meets needs, addresses offending and motivates active engagement in activities that will produce sustained behavioural change; whilst keeping the risk to victims paramount.

Relate & The Change Project

Domestic Violence And Abuse Prevention Through Behavioural Change

Established in 2009, The Change Project delivers a community based domestic violence prevention programme. It is a Respect Accredited programme for men who want to stop being abusive towards intimate partners.

The Change Project also works with female perpetrators, offering an individual programme of work.

The Change Project provides group work and individual sessions and an associated partner support service that supports men and women who have experienced abuse.


If you want to stop abuse within your relationships, The Change Project can help you change…

Our associated partner support service aims to increase the safety victims by offering support and safety planning.

Have you abused your partner or ex-partner?

Forms of abuse:

Physical Hit, shoved, pulled hair, punched, kicked, grabbed, choked, pushed, restrained, poked, jabbed, slapped.
Threats Threatened to harm your partner, their friends or family, punch walls or smash things.
Sexual Forcing sex, use sulks or punishments if they refuse sex, force them to watch any sexual acts.
Emotional Put them down, make them feel bad about themselves, make them think they're crazy, humiliate them.
Isolation Control what they do, who they see, what they read and where they go, limit or discourage outside involvement.
Children Encourage children to take sides, make them feel guilty about the children, use child contact to harass them.

If you want to stop abusing your partner, The Change Project can help you…

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for any man or woman who wants to stop their abusive behaviour towards a partner or ex-partner.

How long is the programme?

The group work programme is over 27 sessions and the individual programme is over 18 sessions. Group sessions are held in the evenings and individual sessions or offered during the day or evening. You will be required to attend initial assessment sessions prior to starting any programme and a pre-group session.

Where are the sessions held?

Assessment sessions are held in central venues in Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Group sessions are currently being run in Essex, Basildon (Thursday evenings) at the Basildon Centre, Chelmsford (Monday evenings) at Chelmsford Voluntary Service, Colchester (Tuesday evenings) at the Hythe Community Centre and Harlow (Thursday evenings) at Latton Bush Centre. In Hertfordshire, Stevenage (Wednesday evenings) in the React Centre. In Bedfordshire, Houghton Regis (Thursday evenings).

See our Venues page for full details.

What happens on the group programme?

We work in small groups of up to 10 people. The programme will help you to understand your behaviour, take responsibility for it and offer you skills and support to end your abusive behaviour.

I want to change… what do I do now?

For information or to arrange an appointment Contact Us.

We also accept referrals from voluntary and health services (see Essex Change, Hertfordshire Change, and Bedfordshire Change for referral forms). Statutory Services please contact Tania Woodgate.

Respect Accredited

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